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Program-1: Organizational Karmic Status and Solutions


This is a unique program designed for organizations based on the theory of Karma, which is the root cause of destiny. Good karmas elevate and bad karmas demolish. Organizations constitute a group of people who perform karmas in their professional workplace. Their integrated karmas reflect in the performance of the organization and decide the future of the organization. Organizations are also artificial persons and carry with them their date of inception and location which have the ability to influence the karma of the organization. This program has been designed by experts in the field of numerology, astrology and karmic theory to make organizations aware of their present karmic status and provide recommended solutions for the same.


Very often it is seen that in an organization, despite putting in a lot of efforts, results do not align. It is noticed at times when a certain person moves into a department, results change. Yes , this could be due to change in skills or management styles of the individual but have we ever thought that there are other forces in us / behind us which influence and impact the results.

We would like to introduce some solutions to problems faced by organizations based on the karmic status of the organization/ group so that the Karma gets aligned with the objectives to get intended results which could be called as the Organizational Karma Yog.

This program establishes a relationship between Intent of top Management followed by Actions of employees collectively to achieve desired Institutional objectives and goals – using theory of Karma.

Concept of Organization Karmic Status

Organizations comprise of a group of persons working at a certain hierarchal level and attached to a certain department. Karma comprises of Intent - action relationship. In an organization, the intent of Management has to be carried out by action of employees. As the Intent of Management is converted into action by delegating to various levels there are chances it might get diluted. Actions too may tend to be diluted at various hierarchal levels due to different reasons.

Actions commonly have legal and moral implications. Here we help your organization in realizing the 3rd implication of action – the Karmic implication and how it can benefit the organization in achieving its objectives and goals

Data required from organizations

• Date of inception of the organization
• Registration number of the organization
• Number of key decision makers (Intent Team) and overall number of employees in the organization (Action team)
• We provide you 2 sets of questionnaires, to be filled up by separately by the Intent team and action team.

Organization gain from this program

Post collecting the above mentioned data, our experts apply advanced techniques of numerology, laws of cause and effect theory and grid of weighted intent Vs weighted action. Our Centre’s research team prepares a detailed Karmic report, mentioning the organizations Karmic status. Additionally a customized recommended karmic action solution report is provided which helps an organization to achieve its desired business objectives and goals.

Two types of reports are offered:

1) Basic report: Comprises an overview of the organizations style of functioning, strengths, shortcomings, challenges faced in all internal and external dealings from Karmic aspect. Organizations Karmic debt status is also highlighted
Additionally, we also provide you in-depth and detailed Karmic Intent and action gap analysis for any 2 hierarchal levels of 2 departments of your choice (2X2 matrix grid).

2)Advanced report: Comprises in-depth and detailed Karmic Intent and action gap analysis status report for as many hierarchal levels and departments of clients choice along with detailed recommended solutions.

Program-2: Spirituality in Practice

Spirituality has been a word which is mostly intertwined with religion. But spirituality is independent of any religion or belief systems. It is the source of all beliefs, understanding and perception of an individual. Humans all their life focus on the object. Spirituality shifts this focus to the subject because objects come and go but the subject remains. In this program we will revisit the timeless wisdom of both the ancient (Vedanta, Sufism, Chanakya Neeti, Patanjali’s Yoga, etc) and contemporary ages (Kabir, Aurobindo, Quantum Spirituality) and how it can be put to practice to improve our daily life. The program is intended to help the participants unleash the infinite creative potential within them. This program is for all who want to understand the difference between “existence” and “living”

Program-3: CSR through sustainable development

This program is specially designed for business communities and those impacted by business to promote responsible business practices and to challenge obstacles that limit sustainability and inclusive growth in the society. The program highlights priorities into four key elements: ethics, empathy, entrepreneurship and excellence. The program signifies the role of Profit, people and Planet

Program-4: Proactive Parenting Power

This program is a uniquely designed for parents and deals with issues parents face in bringing up their children. The program emphasizes whether parenting is an art or science. This program focuses on how parents can enhance their parenting skills and pave the way for our children in this highly complex and competitive world. The program is a one day program which is conducted by experts in the field of child psychology. Moreover there is a special session where art of parenting is highlighted using soul learning’s from Ramcharit Manas

Program-5: The Inner Dialogue: Women Empowerment Program

This program is specially designed for working women. It highlights challenges faced by working women to strike a balance between their personal and professional roles while maximizing their potential. The emerging demand requires women to play a larger work related role. Often at times, it leads to being pulled and pushed in multiple directions. This web of roles coupled with their own aspirations and ambitions compel women to choose their own course based on their own conviction. At times they feel guilty, confused and anxious. . The program highlights how women can pave their path into higher leadership and managerial positions. Today women have to define new paradigms’ of growth, success and excellence for themselves and by themselves.


Program-1: Soulful Learnings from Ram Charit Manas

• Sundar Kand: reciting and application in our daily lives
• Maintaining healthy family relations
• Learning for Ladies
• Choosing a friend / companion
• Relationship between Shri Ram and Shivji
• Why Shri Ram was born
• Art of Parenting
• Bhagwad Gita by Shri Ram, Shri Laxman Gitasar, Vibhishan Gitasar
• Counseling and Guidance for adolescents
• Similarities between Bhagwad Gita and Ram Charit Manas

Program Duration: 3 hours

Program-2: Pransadhna

A unique lecture session highlighting the differences between breathing, Pranayam and Pransadhna. The lecture highlights the relationship between science, energy and matter.
In addition special yoga sessions are conducted to tackle simple ailments like cough, cold to complex ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, heart etc.

Program Duration: 4.5 hours

Program-3: Individual / Family Karmic Status and Solutions

This is a unique program designed for families based on the theory of Karma, which is the root cause of destiny. Good karmas elevate and bad karmas demolish. Families constitute a group of individual members who perform karmas in their homes and professional workplace. Their integrated karmas reflect in the love, peace and prosperity of the family. This program has been designed by experts in the field of numerology, astrology and karmic theory to make families aware of their present karmic status and provide recommended solutions for the same.

Other Programs for Individuals & families are:

Karma, Bhakti & Gyan Yog
Duration: 3 hours

Spiritualityin Practice
Duration: 3 hours

Solutions to Daily Life Problems
Duration: 3 hours

God & Social Media
Duration: 3 hours


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